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Welcome to OpenPGP rocks, a collection of opiniated guides on how to get started with tools based on OpenPGP. It aims to be as beginner-friendly as possible while always respecting best practices.

This website is aimed at people who need to do things with OpenPGP but aren't overly familiar with it, and people who simply wish to experiment with modern cryptography tools.

Yes, there are many ways to do anything when it comes to OpenPGP, there is never an "ultimate" or proper way. These guides will suggest a way to do things, making notes of alternative methods along the way.

If you reach a point of understanding OpenPGP well enough to work things out for yourself, you'll probably end up doing things differently that suggested in these guides.

The guides are written collaboratively in a public repository. You are welcome to suggest new articles and/or improve existing ones.

Getting started

If you are really new to OpenPGP and wish to understand the theory behind public key cryptography, we suggest you take a look at the Introduction to OpenPGP.

If you just want to get going with a new key, have a look at the Generating keys guide.